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Career and Technology Education

Explorer Middle School’s Career and Technology Programs include computer-based programs designed to provide students with basic information and skills needed to function effectively in the technological world.

Computer Science

Ms. Theisen

Intro to Computer Science (SEM) Computer Science Discoveries is an introductory computer science course that empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem-solving, and fun.
Our focus is coding as we explore the topics of problem-solving and computing, web development, interactive animations and games, and physical computing.

Exploring STEM Through Technology (SEM)  A hands-on, project-based learning experience that explores topics such as animation, game design, programming, and physical computing with a focus on technology and problem-solving.  It introduces students to the concepts of the design process and the basic principles of 21st-century learning: creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. Students begin to see themselves as makers as they work closely together to achieve a common goal or complete a task most effectively and efficiently. 


Ms. Russell

Engineering: Mechanisms (SEM) Students will explore engineering by learning how to build basic mechanisms such as a belt and pulley, simple gear trains, and others that move when a crank is turned.  After the basics, students will use their knowledge to participate in challenges involving planning, designing, and building prototypes from Fischertechnik and VEX IQ parts.  These challenges build teamwork skills and teach perseverance as students realize that everything doesn’t always work right the first time and engineering is all about problem-solving!

Design Through STEM (SEM) Students will be exposed to the engineering problem-solving process while completing challenges and projects involving many different types of engineering.  Collaboration and communication skills will be enhanced as students work both individually and cooperatively on STEM challenges.  Creativity will come into play as students design various items to meet specific requirements.  Students will also learn technical sketching techniques, 3D drawing skills, and how to make mock-ups to scale.

Advanced Engineering (SEM) Students will explore concepts of engineering at a more complex level.   Projects may include paper roller coasters, Rube Goldberg machines, balsa wood structures, engineering a “Future City”, independent study and research projects, and STEM challenges.  

Students must complete at least one introductory Engineering course before enrolling in this class. 

Game On! (SEM) WHAT? No controller?  No headphones?  That’s right! Students will be engaged with several different types of games:  card games, board games, word games, puzzles….anything is possible!  We will learn the rules and delve into the processes of play including sportsmanship, teamwork, problem-solving, strategy, logic and yes, “luck of the draw”.  Participants will analyze and critique the games as well as their gaming skills throughout the semester and compete in class tournaments.


Ms. DeFabritis

Yearbook students have the great responsibility of creating an 80-page, full-color, vibrant yearbook. It will forever be a precious memory of their educational experiences here at Explorer Middle School. Students are expected to work behind the scenes capturing moments, quotes, and lasting memories. We work diligently to fully cover all school-related events and activities.