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The English programs for 7th and 8th grades will have students studying novels and reading poetry, short fiction, nonfiction, and drama. Our Pre-AP Honors track will teach qualified students at a level commensurate with the College Board Pre-AP requisites.

7th & 8th Grade English (YR) 

Seventh-grade English is a dual period that covers the state standards of reading, writing, language, listening, and speaking. Students will continue to develop and apply reading strategies across genres, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and drama. Vocabulary development and the writing process, including grammar, usage, and mechanics, will be continuous and woven throughout instruction. Students will develop short constructed responses, multi-paragraph essays, and other writing for a variety of purposes. In addition, they will complete research and projects involving written and oral presentation, both collaboratively as well as independently throughout the year.

Pre-AP Honors English- 7th and 8th (YR)

Over the course of two years, students develop their ability to think, read, and write at a level commensurate with the College Board Pre-AP requisites. Classical literature is studied, not just read. Pre-AP strategies for analysis are taught so that students are not applying them for the first time during their junior year of AP studies. Nonfiction material serves as the basis for constructing arguments, informational/expository text, and as inspiration for narrative work. Students learn over 700 Latin and Greek Stems and 600 high-level vocabulary words outside of those already embedded in their literature studies. Grammar, writing, poetics, and etymology are entwined with a historical and cultural backdrop to give students a clearer perspective. Finally, project-based learning allows research to be definable, meaningful, and relevant to meet our middle school learners' needs and pique their interests.

7th Grade English Teachers

Beth Leblanc


Julie Tyree


8th Grade English Teachers

Amber Meedel


Tiffany Defabritis


Both 7th and 8th Grade

Kayla Rogalcheck